Electronic Photo Specifications

1. - In JPEG format
- At least 531 X 354 pixels (width X height) in dimension
- 1M or below in file size
- Face should occupy about 70%-80% of the area in the photograph. Your head or hair must not touch the frame (female hair long enough to touch the lower edge is an exception)
上傳照片檔案限為 jpg 格式,照片畫素至少需 531pixels X 354pixels(高 X 寬),大小限 1MB 以內,且臉部需佔照片面積的 70%~80%,頭部或頭髮不得碰觸到相片邊框(女性長髮碰觸照片下緣例外)。

2. - In colour
- No hat or any head covering
- Taken within the last six months
- Clearly visible photo with professional print quality
為 6 個月內、彩色、正面、半身、脫帽之清晰證件照片。

3. - Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
- With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open

4. Make sure your full facial features are not obscured. Glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable. The images of eyes, mouth, nose, face, ears outlines as well as moles, scars, birthmarks, etc. may not be covered, modified or synthetic. Hair must not cover any part of the eyes. Reflection or glare on the eyes is not acceptable.

5. Non-tinted prescription glasses are acceptable as long as your eyes are clearly visible. Reflection or glare on the glasses are not acceptable. Make sure that the glasses frame does not cover any part of your eyes.

6. If the photos do not fulfill the required standards, registration will be deemed UNSUCCESSFUL.

7. Upon completion of uploading photos, NO replacement of the photos is allowed.

8. Please make sure that your photo reflects your current appearance. We will use it to confirm your identify on the day of the test. You will NOT be allowed to take the test if we cannot do so.
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